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I have been making custom pop art dog posters as fun presents for friends and family for a while now.  My sister in law finally convinced me to offer them for sale because she was tired her friends asking her where she got hers every time they walked into her kitchen!
So by popular everyone can have their own.  Click arrows to scroll through some samples. Details on how to order, prices and tips on how to pick the best photo of your dog can be found below the sample slideshow.

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Two ways to Order


If you would like to print your own poster online or at your local shop then chose the "digital file only"  A high resolution jpg and pdf will be sent to you. Click on the square of what size file you would like or order the largest and then size it down yourself.


I offer three poster sizes: 35.75 x 24  - 27.5 x 19.5  or 19.75 x 15.75  price includes a great quality digital print shipped to you in a tube.  Print is full bleed (image to edges-no border)  Poster sizes are compatible with IKEA Ribba Frames which are inexpensive and look great with the design.  Check out the suggested frame here:

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What do you mean when you say you need a “good quality photo” to make the poster?

The quality of the photo affects the quality of the portrait. A good photo is a photo where the face doesn’t get blurred when enlarged. Try and pick a photo where the pet is facing the camera and it’s head and shoulders fill the entire frame. 


The size of the file should be at least 100 kb.  In a perfect world I’d like to see a 300dpi image that is at least 7 inches tall.  


Can I use an iphone photo?

Yes you can use an iPhone photo if it’s bright (an outside shot) IN FOCUS and it does not have to be cropped too much. Again - try and choose a photo where the pet’s head and shoulders fill the frame.  


Can I send you more than one photo so you can tell me which one is best?

Yes you can ...please feel free to do so.


Do you only do posters of dogs?

No. Any pet is ok as long as it is a good quality photo.

How do I send you my pictures?

You can email  to or send by or by dropbox.


How long does it take to see my first proof?

Once your payment has cleared it usually it takes up to 7 days to make the first version of your poster. At that time you will be emailed a low resolution proof for your approval. After carefully looking at your proof you will then either approve it or ask for a revision. If you require revisions I will try and send you a new proof within 48 hours. Please remember that revisions take time which can be reduced with good quality photos.

What about revisions?

If revisions are necessary I will send you a new proof in about 48 hours depending on my work schedule. I will do up to three revisions only.


After I get my first proof how long does it take if I ordered a printed poster?

If you approve the proof the file will then go on to the lab for printing where it will take about 4 days.  It will then be shipped out to you and you can expect it to arrive in about 4 more days.  If revisions are required you would then let me know and I generally do revisions in 48 hours depending on my work schedule. I would then send you another proof for approval then on to the lab for printing etc.

What quality is the printed poster?

Because I like to support small businesses as often as possible I have my posters printed at a local lab I have been using for years. Posters are printed in Archival Epson Ink Jet Luster Paper. Personal attention is given to each print during the process to assure you of the best quality print.

Will my printed poster have a border?

No. Files and printed posters are borderless.


After I get my first proof how long does it take if I ordered a digital file only?

If you approve your proof the final file will be sent within 48 hours. 

How do you send me the digital file of my poster?

The file will be emailed to you with a google drive link. If you prefer Dropbox let me know.

If I just buy the file, where can I print it?

The posters will be sent to you in two widely used formats, .jpg and PDF, so they can be printed at your local shop or at many online printers OR you can order a poster print from me at a different price.


What size can I print the file?

The available poster sizes are based on IKEA Ribba frames - they are inexpensive but look great with the posters.  You can find them online at:

Important Note!... you can size down the file but if it is not proportional to the size paper you want to put it on then it will have a white border around it. Example - if you print a square onto a normal size piece of printer paper which is a rectangle.  If you don’t understand how this works email me and I will try and help you.

Do you recommend any specific frame for my poster?

The poster size is based on IKEA Ribba frames - they are inexpensive but look great with the posters.  You can find them online at:

IS RUSH service available?

Yes. For an additional price. Please email me for details. 

What about holidays?

If you want to place an order with short notice before Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s or Father’s Day, please email me before you pay, so that I can confirm that the order will be ready in time.


How long does shipping posters take?

Printed posters are sent in a tube through USPS and in certain cases UPS ground.  Please allow 3-5 days for shipping.


What is the refund and exchange policy?

I will send you a proof and do up to three revisions if necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction. Once the proof is approved and the final digital file made and emailed or printed, I cannot offer a refund.


Can I use the artwork to make my own stuff to sell?

No. All artwork and digital files are the intellectual property of Kathy Cacicedo. They are to be used ONLY for personal use. You may have them printed on anything you wish as long as it is NOT TO SELL All files and artwork are NOT for resale. Please do not share or distribute original files.

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