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Seaside Heights New Jersey


"Family friendly, bright, fun, beachy" A new look for the Seaside Heights website and printed materials.


Working closely with the new borough administrator we developed some fun new ways to get the family friendly vibe that Seaside is striving for. Starting with a refresh of quite possibly a 100 year old logo, we designed mile markers for runners on the boardwalk...signs for the dock pilings that encourage kids to measure the crabs they catch....banners for the boulevard and posters for the boardwalk that promote the new family friendly events happening in Seaside.  


Most important is that all the new work has a cohesive design sense. Hopefully the beginning of more to come in giving Seaside a new look. 


A note - after 400,000 views in just one year, the "more tourism focused" website we had designed was changed to a more "municipal type site" that residents pushed for. We did not design the new site.


Thank goodness for screen grabs! To view more pages of our original Seaside Heights website  click here.

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