As part of the many efforts to create a healing culture at Overlook Medical Center I was asked to help conceptualize and design a number of projects including a book of quotes, posters and a pet therapy superhero campaign all featuring my photography.
A book of inspirational quotes gifted to special patients and family caregivers who the staff feel might need some extra positivity to get through a difficult time while in the hospital.  
We did two rounds of posters using my photography - first round 15 employee's children - second round featured hospital employees. Posters were placed on the units where each employee works.  All posters incorporating the Atlantic Health System colors of orange and blue.
A project featuring my dog portrait photography of 17 of the hospital's Therapy Dogs, including posters, personalized trading cards and an oversize calendar. 
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@buster_b_doodle therapy dog
@buster_b_doodle therapy dog