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Community Child Care Solutions came to me to redesign a very outdated, website that had no style whatsoever. The project was a huge undertaking on the design, as well as the client side.  All of the information on the site needed to be updated and re-organized and designed in a way that would make it easy for the agency's own clients to understand where to find what they need. In multiple languages! 

A team people at CCCS worked on organizing the content and I met with them weekly on zoom meetings going over what I had designed, making changes and additions.  The site includes a video home page, a chat app, multiple forms, attach and upload files function, a calendar, a news blog and a job posting area.  All of our hard work resulted in an easy to understand, well organized website that is equally as functional on desktop as it is on mobile. I am very proud of how this project turned out. 


website redesign


Having the website work in Spanish as well as it did in English was important. I designed custom speech bubble graphics on the home page, the For Providers page and the For Families page. As you move your mouse over each bubble it rolls to shows a link to learn more.  Since in Spanish it takes a lot more words to say what you want to say in Engish, each translation had to be manually adjusted to fit in the space.  Every adjustment had to be made on desktop AND on mobile.  A big undertaking but worth it!


Here are some"BEFORE" screen grabs from the original website. Photos with heads cut off, links that did not work, no organization, hard to find info. 


Some"AFTER" screen grabs from the new design, vibrant, organized, easy to navigate.

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