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I'm Kathy

I’m an independent graphic designer, a photographer and a filmmaker. Not necessarily in that order ;)


Ask yourself…is great design relegated only to a page? In today’s world it’s in the frame of a video, homepage of a website, the cover of an annual report and a well composed photograph. Only a designer with multiple skill sets with a breadth of vision could see that in totality.


I am your one stop shop for expansive visual communication. (AKA the excellent goodie shop)


Multiple skill sets and years of experience puts me in a unique position to anticipate how a project can bloom with unanticipated possibilities. I can deliver as much or as little as needed. No job is too small.


Small business? Think of me as an extension of your creative department.


Brand new business? Think of me as your own in house creative department. 


When clients call with a question, they are calling me, not an account rep, there is no “Let me contact the video department and get back to you” I am the answer.  These days who’s not happy about making less phone calls texts and emails?


I have a team of amazing go-to independent creatives who I can bring onto your project where needed, illustrators, motion graphic specialists and writers, just to name a few, who can contribute based on the needs and deadline of your specific project. I’m comfortable knowing my limitations and I enjoy collaboration .


My clients appreciate the personal touch. My strong extensive relationships allow me a closeness and trust to anticipate their needs. 


Have questions or ready to start? Get in touch and lets chat!

Ready to go?

I'd love to help you tell your brand's story using great design, photography and video.

Have a question or ready to start? Reach out and lets chat.

Lots more to see!

Check out my 
photography & motion website

Check out my photography & motion website where you can see my lifestyle advertising shoots for clients including Coppertone, Claritin, Dr.Scholls and more.

What's with the name


In the 1920's my grandfather had a candy shop on 5th avenue in NYC.  (picture Lucy and Ethel shoving candy in their mouths on the assembly line)  I always loved the name so I figured why not name my business after it?


And also I know nothing about candy other than loving gummy bears too much, so there's that.

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