© 2016 by Kathy Cacicedo

Some of my favorite spreads from my most recent project.  The wraparound cover opens up as if you are opening the doors to the center. The piece also features my photography throughout.  Click on < arrows > to scroll through spreads.

The Thomas Glasser Caregivers Center


I have been involved with the Thomas Glasser Caregivers Center since it's opening.  My first project was to produce/direct a video  to aid in fundraising efforts to build the center which features people telling stories of why they need the center. (below) 


Once the center was built I was responsible for the architectural photography. We developed a cohesive "look" to the printed publications. and then incorporated it into the design of brochures and invitations to special events.


After the center was up and running we were asked to produce a video featuring the stories of people who have used the center since it has opened. The video (seen below) was shown at a special event.


Working closely with the client, the most recent project was to design a book telling the story of the center. The book also features my portrait, location and architectural photography. (below)  The booklet, which has doors that open in front, is being sent out as a Thank You to donors and will be used for fundraising in the future.  


The first video for the Thomas Glasser Caregivers Center featuring stories of people who tell why a the center would be so important for the community.

After the center was built we were asked to produce a video  featuring the experiences of people who had used the center when their loved one was in the hospital.