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I have been involved with the Thomas Glasser Caregivers Center

since before it was built.

My first project was to produce/direct a video to aid in fundraising efforts to build the center.  The video features people telling stories of why building the center would be so important for the community.

 photography • video • printed materials 

Once the center was built I was responsible for the architectural photography. 

The branding for the center began using a a photo of a glowing metallic piece from the donor recognition wall, incorporating it into the the printed pieces including brochures, bookmarks and special event invitations. 


After the center was built we produced a video featuring the experiences of people who had used the center while their loved ones were in the hospital

to be shown at a special event.

A book with a wraparound cover that opens as if you are entering the center was designed to be sent out as a thank you to donors. The piece is used for continuing fundraising for the center. 

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